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X-Battle: the Aggressive / Urban Skate Competition in Spain

The x-Battle is the most important championship of urban skating of Spain. They take from 2003 events being organized by the skate parks and commercials of the whole Spain: vitoria, sevilla, mallorca, market towns, badajoz, madrid, valency, barcelona and a longest etc. Every year approximately 4 or 5 competitions are organized.

In the competitions, there are the same riders those who vote for other riders. Normally small symbolic quantity is paid for taking part, which is destined to pay for some awards that are delivered to the winners.

The x-Battle is provided with some sponsors who help economically to the achievement of the events. Between they stand out cientochenta and mumu .

Who organizes the x-battle?

Since an event of this caliber is not realized only. The principal organizer of all this is Carlos Palenciano more known as Chuky in the scene. Chuky has been a judge of the championship of the world of skatepark and organizer of the championship of the world of street. With the colabora usually Ruth López.

x-Battle Winners

Some of the winners of the x-Battle are: Chinese of Elche, Martín de Vigo, Enanoh of Barcelona, Monchito of Granada, Walter, Cucumber, Malvido or Santi de Granada.

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