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Shops of Skates in Madrid

Madrid is provided with numerous and good shops of sports material, and more specifically than skates. Shops of ice skates, shops of skates of four wheels and shops of skates in line they all can be found in Madrid.

If you are thinking of buying your first skates, perhaps I turned out to be interesting to read ours guide of buy of skates to you, or like choosing the size adapted in like choosing well your skates size , finally, find out well before buying, it knows them different types of skates and when and where each one is used.

If on the other hand you want to explore the advantages of buying skates and skating material online, you can see where and how in to Buy skates online .

Shop Rolls - Madrid

Placed in the street Manuela Malasaña 28, 28004 Madrid Centred (tlf: 915 91 52 10). It is placed between the stops of meter of San Bernardo and Bilbao. Soon they will open a virtual shop in his web site. They count with Sale and skates rent. Protections, wheels, material of hockey, accessories, stores, technical clothes, workshop of skates . Entity is necessary to emphasize that there are provided with abundant hockey material, CM, Tour, Reebok, TPS or Jofa others. Web: www.serueda.es

Shop Skate Art - Coslada

The shop Skate Art is specializing in artistic skating, both in form of ice and in track (skates of 4 it rolls or traditional skates). Encuetran in the street Colombia, 4, 28823 Coslada - Madrid 91 673 71 88. His web page is www.patinart.com

Shop golden Skate - Madrid

The golden Skate is one of the first specializing shops that opened his doors in Madrid. They count with numerous years of experience in the world of the skating. They are in the Walk of the Pontoons number 17, between the Door of Toledo and the Square Francisco Morano. His web is: www.elpatindeoro.es.

Shop Flip skates - Madrid

The shop FLIP skate 43 is in Doctor Vallejo - Madrid. 91 408 05 54. The best thing is to take the meter of New People.

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