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Skates Brands: Makers and Designers

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www.ccmsports.com - I believe from the merger of several manufacturers of Canadian bicycles when the big recession of the industry of bicycles in norteamerica. At present his best products are the skates and protections of hockey, where they stand out with high quality products.

www.eastonhockey.com - In 1981 they invented the stick of hockey of aluminum and achieved that the NHL was approving it. Give then they design products of hockey ice / hockey skate in line. In 2007 they have extracted the model of skates of hockey Stealth with carbon fibre, weigh less than 700 grams, the record up to the date.

www.usd-skate.com - Originally UPSIDEDOWN, which translated it means "head below" or "of the reverse", is a mark of skates and associate products born in 1998 of the hand of big of the international circuit like Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Dustin Latimer and Baumstimler. The inventors were of guides UFS , today extensively used in the aggressive skates.

www.k2skates.com - K2 is a mark, designer and manufacturer of all kinds of skates (agresive, fitness, etc) associate products, clothes and acesorios.

www.itech.com - It Is a mark of material of hockey ice / hockey skate in line. They design and make helmets, shinpads, stick, sticks, cokeels, pants, bibs and shoulder pads between others. His visual protections are especially famous.

www.jofa.com - It Marks with hockey material line / hockey I freeze. Originally independent, today there are a Reebok division.

www.rollerblade.com - Rollerblade is one of the first manufacturers of the world. Created by Scott and Brennan Olson in Minesota, today this one in hands of several companies, entity they Northerly, Benetton Group and Skill. The name is registered from 1983. In 1980 the brothers Olson began modifying the skates and creating other new designs in the garage of the house of his parents. At the end of the same year, they founded the company Rollerblade. At the end of the 80s the direct sales were eliminated and distribution channels begun being used. Also in this epoch, Rollerblade was expanding the market with events of skating, competitions and other specific activities of the new sport; including events related to the new wave of the aggressive skating. At the beginning of the 90, the international distribution began to be a reality. In 1991, Northerly (belonging to the group Benetton) I buy 50 % of the company.

www.kizer-skate.com - This company añemana specializes in the design of inovadoras skates guides agrevsivos UFS , interchangeable with any skate that UFS supports the standard .

www.labeda.com - This mark and Californian designer specialize in the wheels fabricancion for hockey skate in line and for speed skating .

www.missionhockey.com - Mark and manufacturer of products of hockey skate line / hockey I freeze. Traditionally some of the heavyweights of the industry. Recently they have extracted to the light new associate marks that specialize in all kinds products: sports footwear, clothes, and other styles of skating.

www.powerslide.de - Founded in 1994 by Matthias Knoll (Germany), this manufacturer has grown today up to being a reference in the world of the skate: forms known about skating are provided with models in all them , and they even innovate and cran other modealidades and revolutionary products.

www.razorskate.com - This mark commercializes exclusively aggressive skates.

www.roxa.com - Company associated with Rubbings, he designs and makes both products of skating (in all his varieties) and ski products. Originally Rubbings are faced towards a feminine public on the part of the branch.

www.salomoninline.com - Originally a designer and manufacturer of material of mountain, this emprsa has begun designing recently and commercializing products related to the skating under his mark, especially aggressive skates.

www.roces.com - This Italian mark is another modality in the world of the skating. They were of the marks first in designing patinaes specifics for different skating styles. Today they are provided with an enormous quality products line.

www.universkate.net - This French mark specializes in the skating freestyle.

www.hypnoskates.com - East American skates manufacturer and acesorios, they are provided with a revolutionary line: a few convertible skates / tennis. There look like a few normal sneakers of sport with which to walk, but a guide one can connect them easily to each one with 4 wheels and to skate with them.

www.hyper-race.com - He Is a designer and manufacturer of speed skates that is provided with its own team. There compete in numerous skating championships in line the national (close states) and international. They count with extensively clusters of palms.

www.valo-brand.com - This mark commercializes exclusively aggressive skates.

Insure of reading ours Guide of Buy of skates before buying!

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