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Rotating Skate Wheels

That the wheels of the skates wear out it is a fact. That also wear out of unequal form, it is a fact that not the whole world knows. And finally, that we can change their position to diminish this effect and so to have a game of wheels as identical as possible, is about what this article treats.

All the wheels also do not wear out equally, several factors influence: the hardness of the wheel, the position of this one in the skates, our style of skating, our braking and the surface on which we usually skate.

Skate Wheels worn out Factors

On the hardness, the softest wheel wears out before a harder wheel. The soft wheels usually use in fitnees, freestyle, speed, marathon, etc, while the hard wheels are used especially in aggressive skating (urban, in skate parks). According to the position, the first wheel of the skate with which we brake in T (if it is that we brake in T), it wears out more than others. And in general the wheels of ahead spend more desuniformemente than the rears.

According to our style, the more aggressive the more they will spend the wheels unequally: aggressive brakings, derapes, curves much closed etc, will do that the wheels torsionen more and hence, they wear out. The braking also is basic, if we brake with the block we will save wheel, but if we brake in T or with the hockey skid, we will be literally, braking with the wheels on having dragged them (than not to roll them) on the road surface, spending them much more. (if we brake with the block, we spend the block, but this one is much cheaper than a new wheels game)

Finally, the road surface on which we skate often tamben will influence very much. If hacemso street skating on uan apartments variety: asphalt, steeled, floor tile with stretch marks, etc, the wheels will wear out more rapid and more uniformly than if patinamso usually in covered track. That's why the wheels of a few skates of hockey, artistic or aggressive, if they are used exlcusivamente in covered track will have a very long useful life.

Rotating Wheels Positions

To avoid the unequal wear, it is convenient to rotate them of position from time to time. The more often let's do it, minor will be the inequality between these. The frequency will depend on the cantudad of skating that we do: some skaters who him dedicate several hours a day have to rotate the wheels every week or every two weeks, while if only patinamso a pair of days per week, podemoso to do the process every two or three months.

Several exist rattans way the wheels, one of easiest ways is the following one:





With this we obtain a worn-out quite uniform one. There exist other more complex skills of change of wheels that will be a target of future articles.

Insure of reading ours Guide of Buy of skates before buying!

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