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How to Install Skate Wheels

To mount or to dismantle them you roll of the skates we need 2 llaven Allen as that of the photo. Every it rolls it has two screws, the assistant and the fixer. The assistant is more very much long and there crosses the whole wheel and the two bearings for the center, meeting the fixing, smaller screw, in another side.

To dismantle a wheel, we will use one of two keys Allen to hold one of two screws (of equal which), and while the sujetamso firmly so that it does not turn, with another key desatornillamso another screw completely. Once done this, we withdraw two screws and the wheel will remain free of he guides .

Now simply it pulls the wheel and this one will go out. Edges that inside it has the 2 bearings , one for every side, and joining to both the space bar or divider. These can be extracted of inside the wheel with some thin object that fits in the center, one of the keys Allen will cost. Simply there pushes any of the two bearings from another end and this one will go out.

Now you can replace them by another type of it rolls , or clean them bearings .

To mount the wheel again, simply place it inside he guides , align the central hole with those of the guide and put first the long screw, the assistant, then use two keys and the fixing screw to fix the wheel again to he guides . He remembers that according to the type of guide that you should use, there is a maximum size of wheel that you will be able to wear. (to see types of wheels )

Insure of reading ours Guide of Buy of skates before buying to you a few skates!

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