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Where to Skate In Seville

Seville counts with a good number of places and places where to skate, which does not remove so that they could keep on constructing any more and better places. Let's see a list of places skating where well:

Skate Park Hotel Plaza de Armas

The biggest and secondhand skate park of Seville. It has some good ramps, without cracks and with cofeet in his place. There consists of pyramid, triple transfer, transfer, a high page, a tall cuarter, funbox and bridge. If you want to see photos, maps of as coming and a lot of more information to see Skate Park Hotel Plaza de Armas Seville .

Polygon Hytasa

Coast of two rentable tracks, one is covered. Traditional skates or artistic skating can be used for recreational skating, hockey line, hockey. The place is provided with all the necessary facilities. There are several clubs that they train there regularly.

Plaza de Spain, Park Maria Luisa

The Square of Spain is undoubtedly one of the most magic places of the whole Seville, so much on foot as to skates it is a delight to walk over there. For those who do not know it, it has an enormous semicircular square of semi-smooth floor tile, where it is possible to skate comfortably. The rest of the park of Maria Luisa also is patinable. Especially it will be found especially interesting by the enthusiasts of the skating of marathon, since we can skate for a circuit closed to the traffic to engine (we share the park with bicycles and carriages).

Skate Park Miraflores

Inside the park Miraflores there is other of the biggest skate parks of the whole Seville. A good place to skate, is also the only one skate park with wallride of the city. The ramps are very very high and some of others are very close. The skate park has several problems: the impact of the ramps with the soil is very strong on not having been smoothed. Namely the ramps and the soil form angles, they are not smoothed by a small curve. In addition to this, the week findes the skate park is completely invaded of parents and small children, what it makes impossible to use it.

Egg of Columbus

Close to the Egg of Columbus is another skate park. Quite small and completely unbalanced. The ramaps are very low, there are few ones and some are very far of others. Completely unwise. It is possible to be said that he is other of these skateparks done by the people who has never skated and neither it has happened to him to research on the matter, turning out to be the project in a big botched job.

Park Big tree

It is provided with a double mini joined by a spine, the only one in sevilla. They have arranged it recently, removing cracks and placing copy them in position. The bad thing is that also they have put a fence and now the accesso is more difficult. Said otherwise: it is not known that it is necessary to do so that they allow you to enter, the always this closed door. Fortunately the fence is small and it can skip and enjoy of a few minutes of skating until some segurata throws you. This, that is inexplicable, is our bread of every day in the Park Fig tree.

San Pablo, Half Pipe

Inside sports center San Pablo there is a child half pipe quite damaged, for not saying dangerously. Anyhow, we do not lose the hope that they it arrange one year of these.

Rails bike

Lately in Seville they have created a big network of rails bike that are marvelous to skate and to move of a clean and healthy form for the whole city.

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