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Five 5 Wheels Skates

The skates of 5 wheels in line are one type of skate destined to satisfy the demands of the speed skating. It is necessary to emphasize that also skates of 4 wheels are sometimes used. More specially, skates of 4 wheels are used usually with a major size (between 90 and 110mm) or 4 wheels of a slightly minor size (80-90mm), it also depends on the type of wheel of skates that is used.

The principal advantages of the skates of 5 wheels are the extra stability because they have more wheels / guide quantity ahead and the minor friction and friction with the surface, and having the weight of the skater distributed between more points. On the other hand, the skates with wheels of a very big diameter or with 5 wheels are usually difficult to maneuver, which makes complicated to realize sudden or very technical turns. That's why speed skates (of 4 or 5 wheels) are only used in rinks for speed championships or in opened circuits by streets / avenues, which are called marathon tests.

Speed skates use, generally, the same type of bearings that other skates based on the category ABEC , although there are other smaller and narrower micro bearings that are used by some professionals. As for skates guides , they usually also use the normal ones (adapted to 5 wheels sometimes), although some professionals use lightly narrower guides sometimes.

As for the price, they are a little bit more expensive than other types of skates for having a minor market demand. In fact if you do not have a good shop specialized in skating in your city you may have to but them in an on-line shop.

Some models of speed skates (skates of 4 and 5 wheels) are:

  • PowerSlide R4 Vision 100
  • Rollerblade Maraton Coal
  • Rollerblade Lighning TF
  • Rollerblade Maraton Coal TF
  • Fila M-100
  • PowerSlide Triple X Alexis Contin Pro

Make sure you read our Guide to Buying skates before buying!

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