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Sevilla Hotel Plaza de Armas Skatepark

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Aquí I am going to show you the skate park of Hotel Plaza de Armas, which is where it is we who usually go. In Seville there is another skate park in the miraflores park, but this one is not frequented for rollers of ningú n type, since the impact of the ramps is so big that despué s of a little bit it turns out to be annoying; for this alone some bmx usually go for allí. Ademá s, if you go a weekend this one fully of children with his parents who bother one montó n (both I refer).

If you see that I forget something so already sabé is, me escribí s and me comentá is what is, and segú n the tied up that is in the moment since you agradeceré the email and añadiré something new or alone you agradeceré the email. (You can find more information of this skatepark here )
  • Localizació n

    Skate Park of Hotel Plaza de Armas is in the Walk King Juan Carlos I s/n. I joust detrá s of estació n of buses Hotel Plaza de Armas (Avenue of Christ of the Expiration, s/n. Tel. (+34) 954 90 80 40)

  • Photos

    Click in them to see more big

  • Có mo to come
    • In bus: Them lí neas 6, C3, C4 and 43 (by this order) are most adapted to come close.
    • Taxi:
      • Radio - taxi Weather vane | Tel: 954 675 555
      • Radio - taxi | Tel: 954 580 000
      • TV - taxi | Tel: 954 622 222
    • In car: Her estació n Plaza de Armas is along with rí or the Guadalquivir and along with the 'bridge of the sails'. It is interesting to know that does not exist ningú n problem of parking, in the same sidewalk of Skate Park there is place in abundance any dí to of the year and at any time. (Except probably in Holy Week).

    • On foot: Since that you want that he says to you, are putting a foot in front of other and to repeat the process until you come. I that tú not preguntarí to to the people for 'skate park' because you podrí an to give directions to San Cucufate of Menemene; better simply to ask for estació n Hotel Plaza de Armas (to remember that it is along with rí o) and patience. If está is in summer to think it to you two times before walking one hour to the sun in Seville, is not good for the health.

    • In meter: Her lí nea 2 between his stops of 'The bell' and 'Torretriana' has a meter mouth in Plaza de Armas. (it notices: the meter of Seville está aú n in construcció n, y it goes for length...)

  • Plane
    It Punctures the image to see the plane in big.

  • Services

    Very close to The skate park Plaza de Armas finds the Shopping center Plaza de Armas, aquí it is possible to find all kinds of shops and commerce (except tend of skates); there is a Mexican, a pans and compani, a mcdonals and a pair of bars of covers. Tambié n it has shops of clothes, a few movies and a supermarket (in só I toll). Ademá s of this shopping center in cercaní grasp the skate there is a bar, a kiosk, a shop that bandages drinks alcohó licas (many people drink in má rgenes of the skate, there is a nice sight on rí or and it is longed) and aú n má s interesting, a pair of shops of skates that come from marvel if you need algú n urgency store. (sound de facto of the best shops of skates in sevila). For ú ltimo, if you need a cabin you will find several in the door of estació n of buses.

  • Size of instalació n

    Since not, I it have never measured. I hope one dí to of these I take one very long meter and say it to you:-P

  • ramps Systema

    The ancient and good cement, nothing of wood. It is necessary to say that the cement has finished in algú n type of painting plá stica that avoids the graze if you fall down and get rubbed against. Tambié n it fights enough when I dry this one. The bad thing that it has is that in summer they retain muchí simo the heat (the whole skate park is to the sun, there is not even a shade) and then in winter if it rains since it is wetted (up to aquí quite normal) but it turns out to be that the painting plá stica this one gets soaked with nothing in the winter nights with the moisture and rocí or, y it slips muchí simo; it is necessary to have cuidadin; The town hall of Seville at the moment has not released the money to do one of wood, but as it is what we have so nothing, less to complain and more to skate.

  • Types of ramps

    will enumerate Them in the sense of the hands of the clock: the first we have a bridge with a rail in way. More to the right a cuarter pipe. Then there comes a flat ramp that looks like to the beginners a wall for it inclined that this one, but the truth is that it is well. In the corner a transfer of 2 ramps is in the shape of 'L'. We continue with one cajó n of 2 heights. Then the triple is transfer, it has 3 ramps and... well, looks at the photos and ahó rrame the complicated one explicació n. Despué s, in the corner we have a quite small ramp to the fund with flat faces, the set stays in the shape of 'L'. To end, in the center of the skate park there is one pirá it measures (that té cnicamente it is called 'I truncate of pirá it measures', but not me pondré té cnico). These are the ramps, ademá s recently someone has installed a bar for grindar in the soil; it is long and só lida, has very good face.

  • obligatory safety Equipment

    None! It is a public and free skate park, you bring in and do what you want (please do not load it to yourself). In fact, aquí they do not even have this badge metá lica that warns you that you should put yourself the helmet or vendrá the man of the sack. Your skate, your rules. We are already mayorcitos, that each one is protected or not segú n want, but estarí after good does not open to itself the head, which then them demá s we have to call to the ambulances so that they come to gather those that there divide members (I have had to call and it is not entertained)

  • Activities that are practised

    Since as it is a public skate, bá sicamente you can do what is while you do not bother to demá century. Her mayorí to of the people who goes for allí they use table of skate or skates in line aggressive (two groups are of equal size, así that there are no discriminations) Tambié n the people meet with bmx, but few ones. If you have any other pot that you love to bring you can do it, but you know already: do not cross in front of the people.

  • Seville Hotel Accommodation

    The offer of Seville as for Accommodation and Hotels is very big and varied, but aquí I will only point towards the most nearby thing, more econó monkey or what for any razó n come to the case of the skate.

    the nearest thing to the skate park there is the Hotel Plaza de Armas NH Hotel Plaza de Armas (Marquess of Stops s/n, 41001 Tlf. 954 90 19 92)

    Seville tambié n it is provided with a camping placed very close to the airport, to the outskirts of the city, but that is provided with a service of buses that does the trip between the airport / camping and the center of the city. The camping is called 'Camping Seville' and opens 365 dí grasp a year, his Tlf. is (+34) 954 51 43 79. It is provided with the following services: Bar / snack bar - Restaurant - Plates prepared to take - Supermarket - Shops - automatic Washers - Sale of gas cylinders - Funny chemical WC - Station of emptying of wastes water for motor homes - Wash of cars - Prepared for big groups - tourist Information - Safe.

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