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Skating Pads : (In Line / Ice / Hockey Skates )

There can be considered to be some skating forms how risk sports, others, are more traquilas and relaxed. In any case, when one skates it has to bear very in mind that the falls exist. From the beginner up to the professional, while we try some very difficult trick or while we are stopped, the accidents can be to the return of the corner.

But thanks to the pads we can do that a fall that stays in a light spot in the pants or that we finish in urgencies holding the doll with another hand. So that the fall should finish in the first thing, we must know the disintos types of pads, when and AS to use them. We all have seen the people in motorbike with the helmet in the elbow; on skates the same happens: pads badly put or in the wrong place.

Types of Skating Pads

The pads qualify according to the part of the body in which we dress them, so we speak about elbow patches, wristbands, knee pads and helmet principally. In addition to these also we have quilted pants and already for a very specializing skating (descent) we have protectors for the column (like whom the motorcyclists use).

There are still more types of pads, although his use is not very widespread. Like that we have cokeels for the genitals, mouth pads (like that of the boxers) or glasses; very useful in primacera when the trees and the flowers release pollen and florecillas, or in general useful whenever we go at an average - high speed and not querramos that bring in mosquitoes / dust to us in the eyes every 2 minutes.

Finally the specific pads are for persons who already have some ailment or who are capable of having injuries in knees, ankles, or dolls. (Normally because injuries drag in es area from earlier). For these cases there are very advisable the cases of joints, which are gum pads (sometimes with semirigid pieces) that will hold the joints to us in his place, getting ready of possible sprains or sprains.

Remember that the skates pads try to minimize the damage of two sources: impact and graze, but they are not designed to prepare sprains.

Ice / Roller Hockey Pads line

Separate mention is deserved by the pads of hockey line / hockey I freeze. Since they are much more numerous. In hockey line there are used espinileras-knee pads (of a piece), quilted pants, cokeel, bib, long elbow patches, gloves of hockey and helmet with regilla or visor.

Knee pads and Elbow Pads

The knee pads and elbow patches have a similar functioning, so I will speak about them conjuntament. It is necessary to fix in several things before deciding for some.

As for the sujección, they are of two types: with Velcro tapes with pipe or without pipe. The rodilleras/meñequeras with pipe have behind a flexible textile pipe, which was fitting perfectly you are on a par with the wished knee / elbow, having also Velcro tapes for an even major sujección. Those who do not have the pipe, base on a few Velcro tapes only them to fit, and they are not so good as the previous ones (although they give less heat).

It is necessary to emphasize that although to simple sight it should seem that the this protection in his place, we will only know if really this well fixed once we have suffered the impact . Or what is the same: sadly it is too common to observe that before a fall, the protection moves or is wound, leaving the knee or the elbow to the overdraft and hurting us. That's why it is very important that the sujección of the protection not only holds the weight of this one, (that is a ridiculous weight), if not that at the moment of the impact or the collision they are capable of sticking to the knee / elbow and of offering an effective protection .

Finally, to point out that most of elbow patches are usually knee pads of minor size. That's why if our pocket allows it to us, we should acquire a few elbow patches of hockey, which are much more anatomical and protect better.

The wristbands for Skaters

The wristbands (or gloves or oven gloves) are the pads that we take in the hands and they have two targets: the first one to avoid everything possible a temidisimo folding, or fratura of doll, and second avoiding as far as possible to burn the palms of the hands for friction against the surface where we skate. There are perhaps the pads that more we are going to use, since the tendency to interpose the hands in a fall is innate. (which does not mean that everybody can "put the arm" well to roll and to lose the energy of the fall instead of crashing against the soil and that all the energy of the blow falls down on our body in a punctual area).

To obtain an effective protection of the doll, the wristbands usually have inside a few rigid badges that can be of plastic or metal. Which are better?. From my experience he would say that the metallurgies are clearly top; but EYE, some pads have metallic badges but the recovering is not too good, what might do that the metal was tearing the textile material and was cutting. this, that can seem exaggerated, is frequent if we think that the wear does not take place instantaneously, but little by little, in every fall, the metal can be cutting a little the cloth until in a fall, the metal crosses and... But if they are of good quality they will offer us a sure protection.

The Helmet

the helmets for skates can be of three types principally:

Of bicycle, there are light helmets and transpirables, they usually have it will bibe to cover a little the sun. They are used in fitness or recreational skating. Of aggressive, there are helmets with less gaps to ventilate, but they cover better the nape on having been lower. They are with multitude of designs; also they can be used for fitness. Integrals, these are the motorbike helmets. They offer the best protection of all, but they are the most uncomfortable and those who give more heat. They are used punctually in skating of descents or in demonstrations of extreme skating.

Protection Pants for Skaters

Some manufacturers sell interior shorts with pads. These cover the legs and the gluteos to us. The pads are usually soft, with what it protects us from graze and quilts a little the falls to us, but it does not cover us before impacts.

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