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SMP Shanghai: the World Biggest Skatepark

The biggest Skate park of the world is in Shangai, the biggest city of China. His name is SMP and has more of 13700m² of surface, and it is surrounded with all kinds of supplementary facilities.

SMP Shanghai: A general glance

  • Skatepark integrated to the local scenery
  • Use of granite and local stone.
  • More of 13700m² of surface patinable.
  • granite Coping in the bowls.
  • Two vert ramps.
  • More of 4500m² of superfice for bowls
  • Park Zone with more of 1750m²
  • Square and bleachers with more of 4100m²
  • competition Area of more of 2000m²

SMP Shanghai: Competition Area

  • More of 2000m² of competition area
  • Stadium with more 5000 seats
  • 2 giant screens
  • Ramps of vert of 3.90m of high place and 12.00m of breadth
  • Fun box, jump box, banked hip, euro gap, vert wall
  • Several quarter pipes and bank ramps
  • Rails, hubbas, stairs and rails

Double Cup cup and 6-pack

  • Double Cup bowl has 2.40m of depth (8 ')
  • granite Coping
  • It Has two opposite swimming pools, a corner of on - vert, extensions and hip-and-roll-over
  • Curves, Transfers and Spine
  • Mini - bowl for beginners: with a depth entity 0.90m and 1.2m

Dog Bone and Link

The Link bowl has a variable height between 1.80m and 2.70m with a section ‘Back Dorfus‘. Extensions of even 3.60m and several jumps, transfers and grind drawers. Dog Bone has 2 seciones rounded of 1.80m and 2.40m of depth. these join for a meeting and a section of widespread vert.


  • More of 1400m² excluding the platforms.
  • variable Heights between 3.00 and 5.25m
  • granite Coping
  • Entry 'Pot Hole' to a full pipe (window on top to put light)
  • 6.40m of diameter of the full pipe and 20.75m of length
  • I Roof patinable
  • Entry to the only principal full pipe with 3.00m

Park Area

Park Area has more of 1750m². It contains several banks, jumps, fun boxes, rails, hubbas and singings. Also it contains a section with miniramps, a beginners' area and connections with other areas for more options.


  • More of 4100m² of Chinese local granite, paving and curbs
  • Incredible steps variety, graps and rails
  • Bleachers of polished white granite and carved seats
  • More bleachers with shade and protégées
  • Two giant sails to give shade
  • Toilets and wardrobes

Ramp of Vert

  • More of 52m of length
  • A variable height between 3.90m and 5.10m in his maximum
  • The average height is of 4.5m
  • Extensions of 6.0m and 7.0m

More photos of the SPM SkatePark de Shangai

Awards of the SMP SkatePark de Shangai China

  • 2001 Award for excellence in skatepark construction, Skatepark Association, USA
  • 2002 Special Recognition for outstanding contribution to the skatepark industry, Skate Park Association USA
  • 2002 CCA Streetsmart award for Dandenong Skatepark.
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