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Skates: Ways Of Mounting The Wheels In The Frame

For defect, the wheels of the skates come from factory in a boss or flat composition: all the wheels have the same size. But this can change, combining different wheel sizes we can create new effects and promote a sprestaciones of the skate on others: speed, stability, major draft, acceleration, etc.

The principal ways of mounting the wheels of the skates are: plane, HiLow, front rocker, full rocker, full I Spin rocker and anti rocker.


OOOO - The flat way is the normal or standard one. In all the wheels have the same size. It is that they use all recently come to the sport, or the people to skate in way fitness or for the street. Normally when one begins to skate in other styles, it begins to modify the behavior of his skates with some another way of mounting the wheels.


OOoo - Is the style most used in hockey. The wheels go of major to minor, with what the position of the body remains advanced, forcing us always to be in position of rapid starter. It is tremendously useful in hockey since most of the time that is not braked, is started. Also it helps something in the drafts, although not so much like other compositions that we will see further on.

Front Rocker

OOOo - The frontal wheel is smaller than the others, what does that almost all the time you are skating on only 3 wheels. It improves very much the draft in exchange for losing stability at high speeds. Sometimes it is used in hockey.

Full Rocker

oOOo - The favorite of the freestyles, cones and slalom. It offers an enormous advantage on having turned, being able to turn almost on if the same, in exchange for sacrificing in stability. On having skated with this assembly, only we are unloading the weight on two of four wheels, to the head offices, what it makes more vulnerable to us to falls if we do not have a big control. Often wheels of a minor size are used in general (on 60mm instead of 80mm), to gain something in stability. At high speeds they are really insecure and they must not be used. We will be it often in skaters who practise the diverse forms of slalom and cones.

Full HiLow Rocker

ºOoº - It Combines the effect of the mounts hilow and the rocker. It can be difficult to skate at first. It forces a position moved forward to the being hilow, and simultaneously it offers a magnificent maneuverability. His foible as not, it is the poquisima stability of this composition, since almost we will be skating on a wheel in every skate!


OooO - Is the composition used in aggressive skating. One thinks about how to make the intermediate area of the guide free to be able grindar rails and rails with major freedom.

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