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Grind Tricks are those that are made on railings, corners, copys, curbs, those where you get to the rail and slide down the ways to come up with a jump.

Grid & Skate Trick List

Unity Grind Truco

Unity is not a trick for beginners. Before Unity tries to extract one perhaps you should control other grindes as frontside and fastslide, they will help very much. This trick can do to cualquei speed to itself, so do it bring in him slowly at first. There are two ways of bringing in him: with amboa skate simultaneously, or one after other.

to start, it proves to put a skate earlier and other later. Part of a royale, but without putting the second skate, instead of that, you put it crossing behind. Remember after going out firstly with the left-handed one, with the opposite one to which entrastes.

Farven Grind Trick

Originally was called Fahrvergnugen , that in German means the pleasure of driving . (I did not pass 6 months in Hamburg for anything!). It is basically the opposite to a royale. Here the skillful skate grinda with the internal singing, and the left-handed one is in charge first with the day pupil.
In others normally it remains showier to extract it skating down, but it is more difficult. The farven is the other way round: it is easier to extract it if you go more down. Also, if you touch with the boot of the front skate, you gain enough stability.

Fastslide Grind Trick

Is here a rapid trick. Only one of two skates is used, other stays in the air. (if we are exceeded we can agarranlo and to mark it). It looks alike a little to the frontside, in fact, a way of extracting it is to start from a frontside and then to extract a skate. For this it is necessary to be able to extract earlier the clear frontside is.

Frontside Grind Trick

Probably the most basic trick and the one that first you should learn. It is possible to extract at any speed, so bring in him slowly at first. Although it looks like a lie, it is easier in this trick to jump and to support both skates simultaneously than to put one and then other. Once you raise yourself, he remembers to separate very much the skates to gain stability. If you concentrate on the photo, the rodilals are more together and the most separated skates. It is clear that it might be for two smaller sizes take cigaret jeans. (to whom does it occur? an award for this one)

Makio Grin

The makio is similar to the soul. In the makio, while with a foot you enter soul, you raise other and the cojes with the hand. At first it can turn out to be more difficult than it seems, especially if normally you do the souls loading the top. It tries to load rather the heel and you will be easier.
That of the photo has it marked with book.

Pornstar Grind Trick

The pornstar looks alike a little to the mizou, the front skate in soul and other behind supporting the external face. It is more or less difficult to enter. It is very good for grindar very long rails or in curve, since the rear skate gives you very much stability if you remove it and make it low, sticking to the rail. Trick: put more weight in the skate in soul, but in the heel, not in the top!

Royale Grind Trick

I Have heard a royale saying that a bad frontside is made, and nunc alo I have understood because this trick does not go out for you by chance. It is true that it looks alike to a frontside, the front skate goes in the same position, peo the bottom grinda with the exterior.

there is the one who goes on from frontside to royale in half of the trick, but this will not help you to fix it. At first it can seem that the ankles cannot double so much and that it is impossible to do this, but everything is a practice question. Really, only you have that grindar with the exterior of the rear skate, nobody has said that you should have to support the boot straight. Trick: Most of the times the people fall down backwards, for putting first the skates and taking the body behind. The body has to go ahead of the skates or we do not do anything here.

Soul Grind Truco

Perhaps the easiest trick of all together with the frontside. This trick was usually more difficult, but given the enormous surface of souls that have the skates of today, the difficult thing is to try to bring in him to soul and to be wrong.

If it is your first grind trick, it tries to happen with a skate in grind and other in the soil, then it raises the skate on which you were skating supporting the whole weight in that of soul for grindar a few seconds and supports the skate again. When you turn out to be surer, it tries to jump and fall down inside, instead of supporting you little by little.

soyale Grind Trick

The soyale is a miscellany between the royale and the soul. The rear skate goes in royale, grindando with the external face, and other goes in soul but invested. It remains much better when you put more weight in the skate in royale, but it is much more difficult.

Torque Grind Trick

The torque looks alike to the farven, only that much more difficult. it is perhaps one of the most difficult tricks of grind. You start by putting the principal skate with the exterior face, but then instead of putting other, stoop for and the cojes. Really difficult at first.

Mizou Grind Trick

The mizou is very similar to the soul and and the same way easy. The principal skate goes in soul, and we make other behind straight, that is quite. Even it might be said that it is easier than the soul, on having taken the second skate on the rail and having gained so more stability.

So that it stays mejro, it proves to remove the possible maximum thing the rear skate, and to make it much low, almost with the chin and the knee of the skate of soul. Quda very well for the easy thing that is!

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