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This is a small introduction guide to the skates in line. I will touch very superficially almost all the concepts, to extend, I have left linkage that lead to other sections of this page where one speaks more in depth on the topic in question.

In Line Skates

A almost nobody he likes the history, if you are one of them skip quickly this paragraph and continue for the siguente.

To do a little short length: In 1980, two hockey players a few skates discovered Minesota ice in line in a sports shop and dedicieron that would be a big way of training out of the track. Soon they began modifying the skates and creating other new designs in the garage of the house of his parents. At the end of the same year, they founded the company Rollerblade.

Other hockey players I freeze they began using these skates to train during the summer. Later, the skiers also adapted themselves easily to these new skates. The company creio during the 80s, but the market was limited and much located. Thanks to marketing campaigns they managed to "present" the skating as a new sport, which soon spread in the beaches of Miami, Venice and Minesota.

Skate Buying Guide

A lot of concentrated practical information: what do I buy for my needs? how much will they last me? how much do they cost? If you have no idea great but if many desire of beginning skating, I say to you everything what you need to know to buy to you a few skates in this one guide of buy of skates .

Parts of a In Line Skates

The Wheels , a few skates in line have 8 wheels in whole, 4 every skate. The basic characteristics are a size and hardness. The size measures itself in millimeters, being 60mm small and 90mm big. The hardness measures itself in 'To', so 90th they are very hard and 60th brandish. Here I speak much more on skates wheels

The Bearings , there are the pieces that diminish the friction and it does that it is easier to advance. Every wheel has 2 bearings, in 2 skates, on having had 8 wheels, there are 16 bearings. They measure themselves according to the standard ABEC. ABEC 1 sound the worst, then we have 3,5,7 and finally ABEC 9. Here I speak extensively on skates bearings

The Guides , are the part on which the wheels are mounted, and then it submits to the boot. They can be of plastic materials or of metal (aluminum or alloys). If the guide continues the standard USF it will be interchangeable with others, what will lengthen very much the useful life of the skate. To learn more on guides I have written: skates Guides .

Skating Pads

There are the pieces that one puts himself to be protected from the falls and from the graze against the soil. There is of several types: wristbands, elbow patches, knee pads, helmets, and seats principally, although there are many others. If you want to know which are most indicated for you, it looks in this another section of the web: skates protections .

Types of In Line Skates

There are many types of skates in line as the activity that we are going to realize: fitness, recreative, hockey, speed, todotereno, aggressive, urban, etc. to know more of every type (and to see photos) looks at the section of types of skates in line .


The skateparks are a park full of ramps where to practise the aggressive skating, doing tricks and jumping over the ramps. He can read on skate park ramps or on like constructing your skate park . Also I have written on shangai SMP skatepark , the biggest skatepark of the world.

Aggressive or urban Skating

The aggressive or urban skating is realized principally in the skate parks, although also there can be used ramps, rails, steps and other obstacles of the city. List of tricks can see one or you can read excess her x-Battle , the competition of more important aggressive skating of Spain.

: Is Skating Legal? Where must the skaters go?

Before someone (and especially the police) attracts attention of you for being a skater, it is good to know what the law says that the skaters can and cannot do, so that they do not catch us unprepared, here you can read on laws applicable to skating .

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