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How to Build to Skatepark

Here I leave the first sketch of a mini-guide to you on as Skate Parks is constructed. Soon I will extend concepts

Building materials

Basically 4 materials exist:

  • Cement: It Is undoubtedly the most lasting type of construction, but also the costliest and the most complex of using. Most of the public skate parks are constructed in cement, to insure themselves so an expense of void maintenance and a duration maximum. Studies and surveys have demonstrated that the cement is clearly the material preferred by most of lso rollers/skaters. (One himself can verify it buying some of many magazines of aggressive skating / magazines rollers. Alternatively, one can see videos online of rollers and skateparks to verify this)

  • Wood: The wooden skate parks also have his use. In general the wooden parks are cheaper of constructing, rapid and easy to construct. With a little of planning, anyone can assemble some ramps. Also the wooden ramps can recolocarse to form different combinations.

    For all this, the wood is used principally in two contexts: skate parks householders and skate parks mobiles. The first ones are the skates parks made by fans for domestic use and the second ones are the used ones in tours and tours itinerant. In these, the skate park is mounted for the celebration of the event (normally from two until four days) and then they are dismantled to transport them to the following stop of the tour.

    It is always necessary to bear that the costs of maintenance of a wooden skate park will be very high. In winter, the water and the moisture spoil the wood, and in summer the intense heat the dry season and fail. For this utilizaremso varnish and finished specifics for wood outdoors.

  • Metal: The metal skates parks are a clear error. They possess their numerous defects, the principal one the fact is that they warm up too much in summer, producing burns. The companies that sell these solutions usually argue that the metal ramps are more resistant than the wood, less faces that the cement and that can recolocarse. Although this is true, at the end of the day it is not worth it: simply it is not a good sensation to skate on metal surfaces.

  • Public Skateparks Design

    The modern skate parks are more and more complex and difficult to construct. That's why in the last years there have bloomed companies dedicated exclusively to the design and construction of skate parks. In the design of a skate park it is necessary to include many factors, between them: to accommodate the needs of rollers/skaters of disintos levels, to create routes or natural ways between the modules, a good system of drained of the surface, to study the heights, distance and loss of energy on having happened for every module, and a length etc.

    At the end of the day, to construct a skate park is a complex study of the potential energy (the one that one has on top of the ramps or modules) and kinetics, (the one that one has for being in movement). These two factors, carefully studied they will say to us how there must be exactly of high the ramps, and the separation that must exist between they and the central pieces or "of transition". In a well built skate park, the roller or skater it flows elegantly and without effort from one ramp to other one, following a predesigned natural course.

    In a skate park evil designed, the roller or skater it has to of struggling to raise constantly some ramps, brake whenever it goes down others or just before entering some modules, or doing sudden drafts to face someone piece. To do this constantly because the ramps and the modules are descuadrados, or do not have the just separation, or the just height, they do of the agreeable experience of skating in a skate park an unbearable torture (and of course also a dangerous exercise).

    If the reader has no idea great on the skate parks construction, serve this fact: it are skate parks so badly designed that are completely godforsaken. This is clearly a money squandering on the part of the local councillorship of sports and a finished absence of communication with the local rollers community / skaters. I hope that this should not happen in your locality.

    In general, the design of public skate parks usually continues this script:

    • there forms the nucleus of the group or community that was trying to carry out the project
    • The group announces the project in the locality
    • he remembers the emplacement
    • they look for the funds (that can be a 100 % public or a miscellany with private donations)
    • the designs are realized and the winner is voted
    • it him gives the go-ahead to the construction
    • construction Process
    • End of the construction
    • Inaguracion
    • Maintenance to preserve it in perfect conditions

    Private Skateparks Design

    The skates parks provados can be constructed by two principal targets in mind: as I negotiate, on having rented the installation, or like skate park deprived of proper use. The first case is even slightly frequent in Spain and parts of Latin America, although he is receiving force. That's why here us centraremso in the second type.

    A modest skate park can be constructed in wood by one himself with enough planning and work. The principal thing will be to arrange the suitable place. An installation of this type can occupy enough space. If one has little, then the best solution is to install a mini - halfpipe.

    The pictures are taken of www.rickdahlen.com/pipepix/halfpipe.html

    Precise details of since to construct a minihalf-pipe they are in process. I have found several good pages in English, unfortunately I have not found any in Spanish. I hope to be able to raise aqi a translation soon. You can see more photos in

    Parts of a Skatepark

    Fun box - Is isolated elements that usually find you in the middle of the skate park, his rails are for grindar principally.

    Halfpipe - Is one of the principal and more well-known elements. Two are a half pipe ramaps put up, each one in the shape of half a pipe, what it does to a half pipe to be a half a pipe, a ramap with form of U. At present, little more two ramps separate, to give more I supergave credit in the base, what is equal to more time for the roller/skater to become stable and to prepare the following trick.

    Ramps - The principal element of every skate park. They are of three types principally: quartes pipes (ramps with form of half a pipe), flat ramps, and ramps with other curves. The ramps are used to happen from one element to other, to gain speed or for grindar his rail.

    Pyramid - The pyramids are extremely versatile elements, since they can come closer them and go out from any angle. Normally they are used to do jump tricks in the air, that's why it is necessary that there is close a high ramp from which to be thrown.

    Rails or copy - They serve to learn to grindar. Especially the low rails, since it is the way easiest to learn. The low rails eliminate the jump or the increase to a ramp, that's why they are easier. Also there are high rails that are placed on other modules, principally the funbox.

    Bowl - The bowls are more or less rounded swimming pools that allow multitude of combinations. It is one of the modules most expensive and difficult of constructing. Also it is one of the modules most difficult of using, but the spectacular nature and the freedom of movements that a well designed bowl can offer to a roller/skater at level is incomparable. Normally it is not within reach of the skate park deprived of domestic use.

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