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Skateparks Design Plans: Ramps, Funboxes, Quarters, Halfpipes, Transfers, Rails.

Here you have a collection of all kinds of planes of skate park that I have been joining throughout the years on the hard disk, and that finally I decided to raise to the web. There are planes and designs of entire skate parks or only of alguans ramps, pipes, halfpipes, funbox. It can use these designs to take ideas of on as constructing a skate park or some free ramps.

The cement ramps, although they are more lasting, have the disadvantage of which they are not mobile and of which they are more expensive enough. Normally, unless your father leads a concrete mixer the surest thing the fact is that you have to do your wooden ramps.

It starts modestly, thinks big, but realistic at first. A big ramp by half does not cost for anything, but a small ramp finished is already the first step.

It is a good idea to do schemes and planes of your construction before beginning it. Although it can seem useless at first because you will realize it very well in your head, it is a good way of remembering important details or of telling other persons than and how it is going to be constructed. You prop, to have ramps designs in role helps to visualize them very much better, and to realize possible mistakes in the design that till then had passed for high.

Before spending money in materials, make sure that you know although it should be superficially the basic work skills with wood: like reading the wood, like doing strong and sure assemblies, when to use tail or screws, you assemble for notches and for ears, grooves or tongues, assemblies with tubillones of wood, with fixation ironworks, etc, etc. I recommend to You to read this one small guide (5 pages in.pdf) especially this.

Of equal way, he remembers that once the ramps should be of skate finishes, you will have to protect the wood of graze, moisture, dryness (so that it does not go so far as to rattle), etc. I recommend to You this one other one small guide (I file.pdf 9 pages) of as treating the wood.

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