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Buy Skates: Types of Skates

What type of skates must I buy? Which are the characteristics that do to a good skate? With which I will learn earlier? Will they be comfortable? All these are questions that anyone who is going to buy to himself skates for the first time rises to himself. The first thing that it is necessary to realize well is that types of skates exist.

First estab the traditional skates, with 2 axes of 2 wheels each one. And then the most modern skates in line, which normally have 4 wheels, but they can have 5 (for speed) or 3 (to skate for the field).
Skates of Fitness with brake
Skates of Fitness without brake

Skates of Fitness

(or recreational). They are polyvalent excellently. Without specific use, they try to give the best yield in any situation. There are called also skates "of street", since they are those who are used to move back and forth. Said otherwise, other types of skates like those of hockey, they are reserved for the track, which this cleaning, to use them of street it might damage. It is possible to say the same about other types, except of "of street", recreative, fitness for putting some names.

There are the ideal skates for the beginner who cannot skate. In most cases, nobody begins practising straight hockey or doing tricks in skate park ( like constructing your skate park | ramps planes ) without knowing first the basic notions of the skating. It is for it that our first skates should be of this type.

It be fixed the reader that I have included two photos. In the first one a few skates are appreciated with brake, and in the second one without brake. Attention: The alone brake is in one of two skates! Do not commit the typical error of asking the clerk: "Hear to this skate he lacks the brake that other if it has" . Anyhow, the truth on the brake is this: it does not cost for anything . Moreover, I would say that it is up to villain, so if you skate with, you "take to vice" in certain way to commit errors. The best thing is to remove it (in most of models, the brake block can put itself and come out ask before buying. Do not buy unso skates that do not have interchangeable brake!). Do not learn to skate with, so when it does not have it, it will have "to" learn to skate "again in a certain way.

But, if not tegno I brake, like brake? Since there are several methods, the easiest is the braking in T. The skates you form a T in the soil, the skillful skate is advanced, and the catastrophe colca behind in an angle of 90th, without setting on too much I weigh. (otherwise, you will turn on yourself). Instead of this, it is q to put most of the weight on the skate that goes ahead, and with the bottom to "scratch" the soil to brake. Although it looks like a lie, it is braked much more rapid than with the brake block. Once dominate this skill, you can begin learning the skid, where it is braked even more rapid. (This the braking that is used constantly in hockey, where you have to brake overland in the one meter space, independently of the speed that you take.

Skates Aggressive

aggressive Skates

(or of ramp) Are those that are used in the skate parks ( like constructing your skate park | ramps planes ). In these skates, the most important services are a stability and a resistance to the impacts maxim. As this they have wheels of down milimetraje, to obtain a low center of gravity. Also there are wheels of square cut and very hard. (it looks at types of wheels ) Also, they are provided with badges for grindar of different forms. These badges are big smooth surfaces that we will use to rest on the rails, rails and copyes for grindar for them. (it looks at it list of tricks of skates ).

Hockey Skates

Skates of Hockey

These skates are specializing in the game of the Hockey, which is very rapid. That's why, they are usually very light, of boot purely textile or soft. (despite be calling soft, it is hard. When one speaks about skates boots, understand it lasts as 'rigid' and soft as 'flexible'). The guides are usually of aluminum or more complex alloys to lighten that. They are of a medium diameter, (if it was very big: it would be difficult to start from stopped!) . Sometimes a Hockey skater elije to use a wheels configuration hi-low, this is, two rear wheels of a skate are of a diameter superior to that of the frontal two. With this an acceleration is obtained starting from the beginning. Finally, the hockey skates usually take only closings as drawstrings, without top belt. This does that the most free this ankle and it could double forming a major angle with with regard to the skate. This gives a major maneuverability and also it helps to accelerate more rapid. (to the power to lower very much the angle with which us impulsamo on the soil). The wheels are soft for a major grip and to use effect bounce of these.

Speed Skates

speed Skates

(or of careers). These are the used ones for speed competitions or for macrhas of big mileage. Sometimes they have 5 wheels in kugar of 4, with what you win in stability and in speed. On having had 10 wheels instead of 8, the weight is distributed more in general, diminishing the specific gravity for wheel and therefore the action of the friction.

There can be used configurations of 4 wheels high milimetraje (90-100m) or 5 wheels of a slightly minor diameter (80-90mm). The boots are usually very low, leaving the whole ankle to the air. This type of skates tries to give the biggest possible speed and stability (you guide very long), in exchange for losing in manageability (it is difficult to do curves with them, and very difficultly or impossibly to do the braking of skid that is used constantly in hockey or sometimes in fitness if one knows).

Skates todoterreno or offroad
Skates todoterreno or offroad

Skates Todoterreno

(or offroad) Are designed to use them out of ways. Namely in open field. On lawn, ground, etc. They Usually equip uans wheels with enormous diameters, of 10-15mm, which you prop have the peculiar characteristic of being pneumatic. Namely they have a rim and an inner tube inside that gets conceited to the wished pressure. All this tries to muffle to the maximum the area. Sometimes they are used by canes of trekking of tops of aluminum sharpened to win in stability and in impulse.

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