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Some of you may have never tried before a button-smashing game, and the whole notion of "running buttons" may seem a bit unclear. To give you a taste of what we are talking about without having to download or install anything, I have programmed this Track and Field Game Running Simulator. It will tell you how fast you would be running if you were actually playing the game.

If you give it a try, you will see just how hard it is to gain and then keep a high running pace, and then it is actually tiring! You can see how the Nintendo wii didnt bring anything new, back in 1983 this game fully packed of action was making you sweat! That is why after a long session of Track And Field with your friends you will be exausted, almost like you have actually beeing running for real! To complicate things even further, if gaining speed is hard imagine mantaining it! It is hard to be an athlete, even a keyboard one. Give the Track and Field simulator a try and see how fast you manage to run.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the keys 'n' and 'm' alternatively to make the bar grow. The faster you can push n and m *alternatively* the bigger the bar will grow. You can fix the bar by hitting the space bar. Good Luck!

mn r

The objetive is, obviously, to stop the bar at the highest possible point. In Firefox, the good marks are under 300. My own personal records is 324. In theory there is no limit. someone could be brave enough to mark 330, 340 o even 350! That's the beauty of Track and Field. A very addictive game indeed. One thing is certain: you will have to work your fingers and the keyboard hard to get there!

Notice: I strongly do no recommend playing this on a laptop / notebook computer. Those laptop keyboards are very weak and it will not withstand you smashing the keys. On a PC is a differnt storty, they are harded and sturdier, and if you just get so into the game that somehow you manage to break it, you can always buy a cheap one, plug it and have cero downtime. On a laptop, if you screw the keyboard you have ruined the laptop. Like I said, dont play this on your laptop, dont break it (and if you do, dont tell about it, I warned you!).

Those m and n links ill take you nowhere, they are there to make the Track and Field simulator run.