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The first version of this page was published by me, James Collado in April the 6th 2005.

Later, in Feb 2007, I did a complete redesign of the site. New sections were added, more content built. a forum was added and the style changed from a dark one to this orange. The site has been growing since.

All text have been written by me and all rights are reserved.

The design is a modification of an original by philipw ( the site went down) for the OSWD.

No content from this site can be reproduced or copied without express permission from the author and owner.

The Track and Field game, logos, grapichs, arts and all original material belongs to Konami.

All rights reserved.


You can write me at the address below, please have "TRACK AND FIELD" in the subject line if you want the email to go though.

Before dropping me a line, please be sure that your query (if any) is not already answered somewhere in the site. You will get your answer first and I will save time.

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