Snow Bros - The final introduction

snow bros initial screen
Start-up screen

Snow Bros is considered the greatest game of all times by some people. At least by the one writing this over-extensive and pointlessly precise game guide.

Don't let anyone thick you into believing Snow Bros is some sort of arcade game where you defeat dangerous (and yet a bit bizarre) monster and collect points on your way. Thats what other Snow Bros guides want to make you believe. (-"what other guides?", voice in off)

snow bros initial screen
The on-screen manual

However, the simple fact about snow bros is: you and your friend are a pair of shining-white snowman whose posh girlfriends (whom wear like a princess, but we think it's just a costume) got into trouble when they went out last night and meet a couple gigantic stone-heads that spit bubbles...and went home with them after a few drinks.

Your job is, of course, to go to the house of those buddies, smack those stone-heads and get back your posh girlfriends. If your friend can't be bothered to go over and pick up his girlfriend from those ugly stone-heads with you, then you can have both. (Just don't tell him afterwards)

snow bros initial screen
Default High Scores

Oh I forgot to tell you, those guys leave in a 50 store tower full of bad guys and really ugly bosses every ten floors; and there is no elevator, you have to walk up all the 50 floors.

That's what this game is all about, and don't let anyone else tell you different.

Now, if you have just find out that your girlfriend cheated on you with two ugly stone-heads and feel like throwing snow at someone and kick 'him for good, then my friend, in this guide you will find everything you need to know (and some other things you probably didn't care at all).

Now, more seriously, I'm writing all this guide not so much for the Snow Bros fans who have been playing this for years, but for the novices who are just discovering it. I hope I encourage more people to play this great game. Specially, I believe is a nice introduction to video games for kids: is original, simple enough and it doesn't have the potentially dangerous side of some modern online games. (I know what I am talking about, I have been so hook up on Ragnarok Online, shame on me). Just for a change, is nice to play a video game where the objetive isn't to spill blood.

Also, I believe that history hasn't done it justice. It appeared just before the avalanche of fighting games and thus, it didn't have time to make a name in the videogame history. It was completely eclipsed. If it had only appeared one or two years earlier, things would be much different.

And finally, I am writing all this because Snow Bros is just plain fun to play! :-)

You may want to start with my detailed, step-by-step Snow Bros Installation Guide, where I tell you how to download and install.

Please leave any comments on the Snow Bros Forum, thank you.