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Track And Field : Hammer Throw

This event is not about running or beeing fit, is all about timing. To score well in this event you need to have the dex of a cat with the action button instead of the power of a leopard with the running ones. Fortunately, you got 3 tries before beeing disqualified. If you are as bad as I am you are going to need each and everyone of them.

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Hammer Throw

Building momemtum

For the first time in Track and Field we dont have to use the run buttons (or so it appears). Here the athletes spins by himself building up momentum with each spin, up to a total of 9 spins, after that if you still havent throw then the guy runs out of room and it is declared foul. Your job is to use the action button to throw the hammer at a point such that it wont bounce of a wall, but go straight to the other side of the pitch. When pressing action, be sure to hold it for a moment to raise the launch angle to about 42-45. It is very easy to throw it in the right direction in the spin 2,3 or 4, but it will go nowhere near a passing mark. You need to at least wait until spin 6 to qualify. After spin 7 it gets very tricky to do it well.

track and field hamemr martillo
The Throw

In this Track and Field event we have to be careful with the nets, the hammer has to go forward and never to the sides. It helps to count the beeps and watch the hammer chain go red hen it pooints south, that the right launching direction.

Throwing the Hammer

Like in the Track and Field Javelin Throw using the running buttons while the hammer is in the air help a lot to push it even further. Again, this is not a very well known trick, but it gives you an edge.

In the MAME emulator you can take a screenshot with the [F12] key and it will be saved in the "C:\mame\snap\trackfld\" folder. That is, if you have followed the Track And Field installation instructions from this page.

You have but a few seconds once the event is finish to take a screeshot, so it is worth taking an habit of putting your finger on top of the [F12] key, just in case you happend to have made a very good mark. It takes almost no space on your computer by the way, so you could have thousands and still it will weight less than 1 song.

You can see what are the internet Track and Field World Records here.

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