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Track And Field Game : 100 Meters Dash

The most classic event, the 100 meters dash is the first test we have to pass in the game. The men or woman finishing first at the olympics is usually refer to as "the fasterst man/woman on earth". This is the first event of the game and it will teach us how to run with the 2 buttons system. In order to qualify for the next event, we need to do the 100 meters dash in less than 16.00 seconds. Which may seem very fast for a newcomer to Track and Field, but you will get used to it. (My best personal mark is 8.99 by the way. You can see my best records or the Track and Field World Records.

Tha Start

track and field 100 metros run

The start secuence, which is so important if we want to do a good time, goes like this:

First the starter calls all athletes to their positions with "on your mark". Then orders them to get ready with the command: "get set". Once you hear that call the running buttons go live and if you touch them you will do a false start, so wait until the next call before running!

Then later, exactly 3 seconds after the "get set" call the starter will fire the gun which effectively starts the race. It is very importante to master thsi process, because every fraction of a second counts toward the final result. Since you already know it will take 3 seconds from the last call to the fire, be sure to count them on your head and risk it everything at the first try, you may rob the clock a valuable fraction of a second! Keep in mind that you can do 3 false starts before you get disqualify, so bu sure to use at least the first one always!

It is woth knowing that in present time this is not how the process works for 100 meters dash races. If one runner makes a false start, whomever does the second gets discualified in the spot. In the game you have up to 3 chances, which is not bad. Remember to always use the first one, by counting the 3 seconds and starting as tight as possible after the gunman shot.

track and field 100 metros run
Running the Track and Field 100m

Running the 100 meters dash in Track and Field

The theory is very straight forward: smash those two run buttons as fast as possible. In practise, there are a number of tips and tricks to keep in mind that will make a difference. First of all, use those two run butons alternatively. I cannot strees enough the importance of this. Is one and then the other and back to the first. My advice is: learn to do it right first, and then learn to do it quick.

Experience has shown me that you make it or loose it in the first 20 meters. Most people take time to build top speed, and by the time they are running at top speed they have already passed the 50 or even 60 meters mark. Those people try to "catch up" at the end, but that is a very bad strategy to start with. You have to learn to build up speed quick, and then maintain it for the 10 or so seconds that the event lasts. In short: dont catch up in the end, learn how to quick start.

Another important point to keep in mind is where to look. Some people look at the keyboard so they dont miss the keys. Some other like to watch the guy running on screen and finally some others just close their eyes and let it all go. I personally think that it helps a lot to run looking at the clock or at the speed counter. Somehow, there is a psicologilca reason behind that but does makes you go faster by watching that. Dont ask me how, but it works. Try it yourself and watch your personal mark drop.

The final Steps

track and field 100 metros run
The final steps

Unlike the real thing, in Track and Field arriving is not really a key moment of the race, just stop hitting those buttons and that is it. However, you must be prepared to get a screenshot of that memorable moment before the screen moves and you get the black congratulations screen.

In the MAME emulator you can take a screenshot with the [F12] key and it will be saved in the "C:\mame\snap\trackfld\" folder. That is, if you have followed the Track And Field installation instructions from this page.

You have but a few seconds once the race is finish to take a screeshot, so it is worth taking an habit of putting your finger on top of the [F12] key, just in case you happend to have made a very good mark. It takes almost no space on your computer by the way, so you could have thousands and still it will weight less than 1 song.

You can see what are the internet Track and Field World Records here.

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