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Here you can download Track And Field Icons that you wont find anywhere else. That is, I made them myself to give anyway to all Track and Field fans out there! (I wont say no to a T&F cabinet btw hehe). Anyway, they are very useful to change the shorcut icon to launch the game. You do have that icon in your desktop dont you? In case you dont, I explain how to set it up easily at the Track and Field Installation Guide, so it will be a 1 click and go set up!


1 · Right click on one of them and select the option "save link as..." (or similar), and save it in your desktop.

2 · Look for the Track and Field shortcut and do right click -> "properties" and then "change icon".

3 · Look for the icon you just download to your desktop.

4 · Click "Accept" and that was it! We are done!

How to play

Download Track and Field