Welcome to the
Zen Koans Database!


Over the years, I have been collecting all Koans I found on the Net. Also, for too long I have been telling to myself that I should build a small website and share them with the world.

After procrastinating for way too long, I finally scratched this project off my list. I am proud to present: The Zen Koans Database!

I am also attempting to get two birds of one shot: I'm translating all the English Koans I have found into Spanish. Considering the overcomplicated language sometimes Koans use (for a non-native English speaker anyway) it is being a real challenge to translate some of them. This is no big deal, I'm by no means in a hurry. Some of those pearls of wisdom have taken hundreds of years to form, they can wait a bit more to be translated to Cervantes's language.

Without further ado, here you have the complete Koans list in English or you can read a random Koan.

Finally, you your help would be much appreciated, if you have a Koan that is missing here, you could contribute with it. Translations into other languages are also much appreciared.

If you wonder why on earth I have capitalized all the Koans, that's because right now I'm speding some months in Hamburg trying to learn Deutsch. (just another bad but true excuse)