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Web Domains Names Explained

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The very first step to build a website is probably to buy a domain name for it. Actually, even if you don't have the website ready yet, even if the hole proyect is still very much only thing air, you should buy the domain name for it right away. There has been cases of people building products, brands and events only to find too late that somebody has registered their preferred domain name a fer hours or days later. Don't let this happen to you

With that say, what is a domain name? When you type www.example.com into the address bar of your browser, your computer has to translate that name into an IP number. In order to do so, it contacts some very big servers with huge tables that contain pairs of names and IP numbers. Those are called DNS servers and your computer already has the IP for those.

Lets focus: every computer conected to the Internet has an IP address, but not all of them have a domain name associated to it. (not 100% true, but you probably don't want to hear about some of the complex tricks computer people have to do to keep things running in an scenario where we are short of IPs)

So when you buy a domain name, say www.example.com, all you are really doing is just paying to get an entry on those servers. The usual price is just $7 for one year, just for the domain, the web hosting services will cost you more.

The ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ), is a non-profit California bases organization that in 1998 took over the Internet competencies once done by the IANA on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Finally, you need to know about one acronym: TLD, Top Level Domains. That is, the ending of the domain name. The most commons you will see out there are: .biz .com .edu .gov .info .int .mil .name .net .org. Also, you get one for every country (or sometimes language) out there, example: .es, .it, .fr are Top Level Domains for Spain, Italy and France.

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