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Passive income examples

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Here I am going to put together a list of the most popular online passive income streams. Hopefully you will pick one or two that suit your skill set, your personality and poke your curiosity. (hint: If you don't know what this is about, I recommend you start at: what is passive income?

Write guides, how-to's or books - We all have a certain area of expertise, it can be a hobby, it can be related to our work, it can be something as simple as the fact that you know your city! (Which is VERY valuable to people who want to travel to your city) All that knowledge is value, all you need to do is create a guide, a how-to or even a book with ebook-creating software and then sell it online. You could set up your own website, hosting etc to do it, but if this is not something that you feel comfortable with, simply plug you piece of work into someone else's system. They will get a small commission on every sale for handling all that work for you. It may not take long until you have enough small guides or how-to's that you will decide to build your very own site!

Build software products - If you are a programmer, or have some programming knowledge, you could build a piece of software and sell it online. Again, you could use someone else's system to sell it to start with and work you way upwards. If you don't know how to program, you can still follow this route: hire a programmer. There are many brilliant college student with outstanding programming abilities, maybe you could hire part-time or contract-based some of them and start your own computer software development company. All that can be accomplished from your garage in you spare time. (In very much the spirit of the old good time, where today's big IT firms started)

Online advertising - This is one of my favourites. In here you build something of value, it could be guides, how-to's, songs you have written, songs you sing if that a talent you have, it could be software, pictures of yourself, your cats, your significant other, or both of you having private meetings (this is a VERY well-proven passive income stream if you feel comfortable with it). It could also be movie or books reviews, a useful collection of links in a particular area of expertise, it could be news from your town/ community, it could be everything under the sun, as long as it has VALUE to other people, and then you build a website with it.

When you build a website and offer something good of value for free, a lot of people will come to your site to get it! (we all like valuable free stuff) Then you can add advertising to your site, helping your visitors finding some products or services they may be looking for. Is a win-win situation, as long as you don't over do the website with too much advertising, devaluing the site. Without question, the most widely used program out there is the Google adsense program. This is a high leverage thing, since they do virtually all the work for you.

If you want to knwo more about to follow this path, you could read How to start a website.

Affiliate Programs - Here you get a commission every time you send a client to a firm. Some companies will give you as much as 50% or 70% of the sale. Other will maintain their referral program for many years, even for your lifetime. Their greatest potential is that if any of your clients becomes an affiliate themselves, you will make even more money from the client they make! This is a wonderful situation to be in. As any other form of passive income, it takes some initial upfront work, then it will be on autopilot.

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