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Here at cincinato.org/finances I offer you hundreds of small guides with the knowledge on all aspect of your financial life, specially on Internet-related topics. The guides are enough small on purpose, I try to compress relevant and useful knowledge as much as possible, so that you can learn more in less time.

I will also avoid talking too technical on purpose, since I came from a science and computing background, sometimes I slip in words that are too buried inside my field of knowledge and thus, will make comunication with people with other backgrounds more difficult.

Finally, I know that on this planet there are many people whose knowledge over the topics I talk about is way over my head. However, I am not going to pretend I am a 'guru', nor will I take the typical 'I am sucessfull and you are not' approach or anything along those lines. Instead, I hope this will be a walk-toghter path were I will share my knowledge and ideas on a few topics wich lately I have been very curious about.

So please feel free to read over all my articles and I hope you find them useful. In case you don't just let me know and I will refund what you pay to read it :-P

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