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How to start a website

Tags: website design, website basics, how to build a website

The first thing you need is a domain. Today they are dirt-cheap, I get them at $7 a year, that is dot-com. Avoid any company that sells domains for $35 and the like. More on Web domains explained. Don't fall for the free domains and free web hosting either, you will be increasing some else's asset and not yours! It is true that you could easily move all your content to a domain you buy later, but you can't change the links people give you, and that is a very valuable thing, see understand web hosting.

Once you have your domain and your web-hosting, you have to start with the development. It is better to think ahead, so if you are planning to make money though online advertising, keep that in mind in your design, don't push them into later, it will break your design. The same thing can be said about shopping carts, payment methods, forums, comments, etc.

Will you use a blog-like design? Blogs are very common (and successful) nowadays. If you plan to update constantly, a blog may work very well for you. It is also much easier to start a blog than a regular website, since you have plenty of user-friendly software ready to start a blog. You can have one in minutes! The most widely used is probably Wordpress, which is free.

Even if your website idea doesn't fit into the blog design, you could build it as an aside project to increase visibility and traffic to your website. For example, you may be thinking about opening an online store to sell kites. You could (and should) build a blog integrated it with your store and talk about your latest additions to the sore, latest kites, kites news, kite competitions, etc. Anything that is of interest for kiting enthusiasts. You could even write reviews for a particular model and then place a link to your store for a price quote. This will definitely empower your site as a whole.

Once you have sign up with a web hosting company, they will provide you with a ftp login account, you can then use a ftp client to start uploading four files. I recommend the free filezilla, works very well and you can't beat it's price!

If you want to save a bit of money and time, you could pick a ready to use free design from theOpen Source Web Design, in most cases all you have to do is provide a link back to the designer's website in your page footer (some times not even that!). Some may not want their designs to be use commercially (or may want to sell you it for a small amount), but among the more than 2000 designs, you are likely to find something you like.

So, download the template, upload it to your newly web hosting account and start developing from there. All this process can take you less than an hour if you know what you are doing, or an afternoon if it is your first time. However, considering how many people are making money on the Internet with their sites, it is more that worthy to give it a shoot and start getting lovely passive income.

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