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Google Adsense program

Tags: Google Adsense program, what is adsense, online advertising

Google Adsense program is without a doubt the most widely used online advertising program out there. Webmasters can sign up to the service and enable text, image and video ads on their sites. The ads then generate revenue on a per-click basis.

What has differentiate Google Adsense from other ad-serving programs out there is their ability to scan and understand what your website is about and then show relevant ads. For example, if you run a website talking about parrots, Google Adsense will show ads related to parrot products and services, like foods, books, clothing, pet-care, pet-hospital, you name it.

This has effectively revolutionised the online advertising industry, since now the advertising is becoming more and more customer-focused, being even helpful in some cases. This is a win-win situation for everyone: the visitor, can follow interesting links to buy products or services he may be looking for, webmaster can profit from their sites, and finally online stores can reach potential customers easily.

This is also a superb passive income stream, since once you set up the ads on your site, they run on auto-pilot to generate money.

Apart from ad serving, Google Adsense also offers other services to profit your site: searches, news headlines, referral program for both Adsense itself and several Google software products. All of them work on a per-click or per-action basis. For example, in the referral program, Google will pay you $2 for every person that downloads and install Google Pack following a link from your site.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of people making a living entirely from Google Adsense (and many other are making 6 figures a month). Google pays out about $500 millions a quarter, and it is only going to increase over time. So, how could you join the club and get a slice of the pie? Luckily for you I have guides on almost every topic related to this, you could start by reading how to start a website, 10 ways to build traffic, web domains explained and understand web-hosting. Just keep reading and learning your way!

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