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10 ways to build traffic

Tags: how to build web traffic, increase web traffic, get more visitors

1 - Generate valuable content - This is by far the most important point. If your website doesn't have anything of value, why would anyone want to visit it? Strive to build good content. If you have a high quality content site, you will cross the word-of-mouth line, and your audience will refer your website to other people, which in turn, will probably refer it to even more people. Much like a chain-reaction. This is by far the most desirable kind of traffic, because it makes you less prone to changes in technology of search engines. However, before you start dreaming of people mass-linking your site, you have to give them something good.

2 - Build links - In the beginning, you may have to build links by contacting other webmasters with sites related to yours. You link them and they link you, it is a win-win situation. However, before you take action and start building links, you must learn about Page Rank.

3 - Optimize for search engines - There is an important distinction to make here: one thing is to make your website be more "search engine friendly", helping them to crawl your site and understand what your site is about, and the other is simply lying to the search engine. Tricking them into believing you have something you really don't. This is a very bad form of SEO, that will usually get you severely penalized in search engines or even banned. Do not do this to yourself.

4 - Submit your site to directories - Directories are a hand-made organizational structure of the web, usually divides into smaller, subdirectories that are maintained by an expert on the particular topic. Submit your site to several of those for extra exposure. However, don't submit at random, try to look for the directories/categories that match your site's topic. The biggest directory is the Open Directory Project.

5 - Start a newsletter - Most people don't see the beneficial side of having a newsletter until they start one. A monthly newsletter could simply be a small list of what new content or changes have been made to your site during the last month. It helps bringing back traffic, (which is returning traffic), and also creating a relationship between your site and your audience. Some people will place a small link on a corner to a sign-up page for the newsletter. Don't do this, people won't take the hassle of going there to sign up. You should have two simple 'name' and 'email' and a 'submit' button at the top and at the bottom of every page in your site. Make them small so they don't break your layout. Finally, don't send your newsletter on the first days of the moth, your readers will have their email boxes full of other newsletter and won't pay much attention to yours. Instead, send your newsletter any other day of the month between the 10th and the 20th. It works better.

6 - Remind your audience to bookmark you - This is very obvious, they still some people don't do it. In some browsers, using a bit of javascript, you could provide them with a link that will bookmark the site for them. If not, simply remind them to bookmark you with Ctrl + D, in fact, you could do it right now and bookmark this site if you are finding it interesting! :-)

7 - Add a forum - Forums are like glue for traffic, they will generate thousand of visitors and, if well maintained, they can row ever bigger and bigger over time. The downside is that they may be difficult to light up. You will have to take part yourself in the conversation, create new thread and so on. Then you will have to fight spam, wrong content and trolls insulting people, the most commons colds any Internet forum would get. Luckily for you, once your forum grows big, you can probably delegate some tasks to your most trustworthy users.

8 - Start a blog - Blogs are the latest for of publishing on the Internet, they are clearly on the rise. So why to loose such a traffic boost? If your website is not a blog itself, you could build a blog around it, and write on the same topic. For example, it would be easy to simply write about the improvements of additions you do to your blog, of about new ideas you have for the whole site. You can then enable comments and get good feedback on your insights. Plus, people like to link more to blog (since they are more human-person-centered), than to a website.

9 - Use Google Adwords - All those techniques were money-free but time-consuming. You may be more comfortable launching your website using a bit of capital to buy clicks and attract visitors. This is a well proven method for some people. However, be sure your site is fully developed and providing good quality content (or service) before you start paying to get visitors, you don't want to waste your money showing people a 'under construction, please came back' sign, they will certainly not come back. The pricing is keyword-based, with some keywords raking higher than others, it is also a per-click service, which is a performance-based model that keep advertisers happy, as they only pay when they get a visit.

10 - Be original - Following all those techniques is the bare minimum, since we all are doing it anyway. This will greatly improve your traffic stats, but if your want to outperform everyone else you will have to be smart and think of something new. You won't get any further than your competition by mere copying their techniques. The trick is: use all those 9 methods and tweak them. Learn the basics, and then you will be in a position to start with the cutting edge traffic building techniques people are using right now: virals.

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